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Mini Collector

The safest way to transport your hero from home to whereever the adventure begins... 

The Idea

In any RPG line that wants something where players can transport a single miniature without bringing a whole armored case or a jar filled with toilet paper. Something that would take minimum space, give the ability to see the amazing hero, not scratch the finely painted details and most of all protect the delicate miniature, 

The Process

First minimal tests and simple proto-types 

I decided to use a solution where the miniature has no contact with foam or other materials and fixate it using the base or "foot" at a stabilizer, this is also the preferred way miniature painters lift, hold, and show their models to others.  

Several locks and grip solutions where tested, mechanical, pins, nubs, and magnets... 

I had some quick hand-drawn sketches, that I made into 3D models, and with modern-day 3D printers, you can get really close the the real deal. 

This way it's easy to see, touch, feel, and most importantly show others what the product is. 

3D  also a quick way to kill some darlings just by getting the physical project in your hands. 

When on display an option could be to add a background to the charector 

Early ideas of the closing mechanism  with a "click" solution and a replaceable background 

Showing the use of the product.


A simple mechanical spring allows the user to use different base sizes for the miniature. 

Next step is designing the PU leather case that the whole box sits in 

Different view of the product

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