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Dice Companion 

A new product from Dragon Shield  

The idea 

How can we create a dice tray, that is practical, convenient, has a great feel, and also adds to the immersive part of playing

The process

The Process

Starting with a design brief is the best place to start, here is parts the one used for the dice box 


Fast and quick physical prototypes are great a simple way to show proof of concept and test things before they get too far along.  


Editing and using information gathered from early user tests is high-value information, implementing and refining is key to success.

Getting good and reliable prototypes for testing and hands-on feel 

The final product

Testing testing and does the product delivers what it promises 

Packaging is a crucial part of selling product 

On the Shelves

Before the product hits the shelves there is packaging and marketing, and an extensive social media campaign. 

The Dice box was very well received and we are already looking into new colors and updates, we are considering adding an extra "arm" for better modularity.

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